“The Journey of my painting” by Rhonda Foot.

I have always been one of those people who go into a art shop/gallery  and pick out about 10 pictures I would love to own! Therefore when Caroline Widdop, who I had never met donated a painting of choice to raise money for my daughters school (very generous as it is not her daughters school) I jumped at the chance of being the highest bidder! What an interesting journey and for me not as easy as I’d imagined. Thank goodness for Caroline’s generosity of time and patience is all I can say!

I have used the word journey because when the time came I didn’t know what size of painting I wanted let alone subject and colours. Caroline’s first visit to my house (and yes she came numerous times) was to work out where I might like the painting to hang and fathom what size of canvass to use - achieved with her expertise and varying sizes of canvases she had brought along.

Next I chose a subject and Caroline agreed to go ahead but that night I changed my mind completely. Caroline was totally relaxed about this and it has been her relaxed manner which has made this all so easy. I now have a painting I love which is perfect for where it hangs, is perfect for my colours and I think my personality. It reminds me of Caroline and it reminds me of an interesting learning experience for me.

I see paintings differently and I think too of the pressure (without ever showing it) that Caroline must have felt under to produce something special to me – she succeeded.